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DUI is known as driving under the influence. The State can charge a DUI based on alcohol or drug impairment. Throughout the arrest process, the defendant is often times questioned and placed on video while performing the field sobriety exercises. The scientific testing known commonly as the "breath machine" or intoxilyzer must pass scrutinized procedures to make this breath test admissible in court. When charged with a DUI, it is important to understand the criminal justice process as well as the administrative review process through the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles which ultimately holds the right to suspend your license and/or offer a hardship license throughout the length of your case. The charge of a DUI or other alcohol/drug related traffic offense can have damaging consequences. It is imperative to have experienced representation that knows the law and can assess whether proper procedure was followed during the initial arrest and your constitutional rights were protected. You can count on the Law Offices of Alyssa D. Honickman to provide you with an aggressive and effective defense.

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